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Matching serial numbers were evident on the receiver, bolt, barrel, magazine floorplate and stock. Mauser designs were built for the German armed forces. Plus they were replacing parts and barrels up into the 1970s. Very limited numbers were later produced with receiver dates of 1929 and more so 1932. On the bolt. Q: Why is there a lug on the cooking piece? The soldiers were allowed to dry fire the rifles in training if they first put a piece of leathe Most likely a replacement receiver . The highest number so far noted is 113,150 dated 1932. The serial number is on the left side of the receiver. Swedish 6. The highest 1918 serial number noted is 111,002. The m/94 carbines have a unique serial number sequence beginning with 1; the highest number so far noted is 113,150 dated 1932. The earliest guns are sparsely decorated with serial numbers - the full number usually appears only on the grip backstrap. Note that it is painted over with a wash-coat of clear shellac. The m/94 carbines have a unique serial number sequence beginning with 1. Toggle is S/42 marked. I have a M94 Swedish Mauser dated 1907; serial number on all parts is 349, which matches the number on the reciever, except for the bayonet support band, which is 329. 63mm Mauser   28 Jan 2013 Swedish Mauser - The Swedish chose the 6. Bolt serial number doesn't match, but headspace checked right on. bolt handle and the safety is the original model. She's no beauty, but I was only after a plinker, not a collector's example. Early sporter rifles were built on the Model 96 Swedish Mauser action. Many matching numbers all over the weapon, or part numbers. V. The Mauser brand has stood as a symbol for the real, successful hunting experience for over 140 years. according to the authers (wrote and asked them about it),they stated that it was a m94 carbine that had been converted to m96 by sweden(has a maple 1915 stock, 357xxx serial number). The sight is used with the ladder in the down position. SWEDISH MAUSER PARTS LOT! MATCHING! LOOK! Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Swedish Mauser parts lot. All Swedish Mausers, whether built in Germany or Sweden, were fabricated using a Swedish-supplied high grade tool steel alloyed with nickel, copper, and vanadium, a product noted for its strength and corrosion resistance. (4 digits). Once you find a bolt you can take this Mauser out to put lead down range. Jun 15, 2019 · I'll let you understand if it works out. Mar 15, 2017 · According to Kehaya's Swedish Mauser reference book, the serial number involved in the rifle from the OP does fit within known ranges for Carl Gustaf carbine receivers (SN 1000 to 54,000 from 1901-1907) and is below the reported range for Gustaf 1896 rifle receivers for 1904 which are between 142,028-151,888 with the KB prefix. Drilled and tapped for scope. why is it recommended to not disclose the full serial number? i've seen several posts with the full info XX'd out. Avoid these poor abused rifles and try to get an unmolested original. Each bayonet and scabbard had either a 3 or 4 digit (early version) serial number that corresponds to the Swedish M96 rifle serial number that the bayonet was issued with. This occurred in 10/01/2009 · I recently was given a 6. 5mm Mauser v. It is marked "Carl Gustafs Stads Gevarsfaktori. 1903 Swedish Mauser has a current fair market value range of $225 to $475. 5x55mm. Remington Arms has always produced a line of special run firearms for certain distributors and conservation groups, and these items do not appear in the catalog. Known for their high quality workmanship and legendary accuracy. 50mm) and bore condition (1). Model 1894 Swedish Mauser Project guard with the floorplate latch and serial number on it when he cut down the magazine walls. Excellent condition Swedish Mauser by Carl Gustafs Stads Gevaerfacturi Model 1896 rifle, manufactured in 1908. Sep 23, 2010 · The Mauser was fired on my club's 100-yard range using Remington 7mm Mauser ammunition loaded with 140-grain softpoint bullets. There are four basic versions of the M48 military rifle. Yours probably has the initials O. by Dave Campbell What became known as Swedish steel is an alloy that is very strong and corrosion resistant, due to I have never seen the model ninety four carbine, but seen a lot of the model 96 , model 96/38 and model 38 rifles with the 29"and 24" barrels with the straight and with the later turned down bolt. New items of stock can be found at the top of the list. The barrel band, nosecap, bottom metal, bolt release and buttplate are marked with different 3 digit numbers that do not correlate to the serial number. The brainchild of Paul Mauser, the Model 1893 sported a double column, internal five round magazine. 00. I have 7mm unmolested Mauser 7mm and I love it its historical model give me an 8mm 7mm combat, though! Jun 15, 2019 · I'll let you understand if it works out. The numbered parts are all matching. 62 nato. All others Mausers within the Bolt Action forums, part of the Gun Forum category; You have to shoot a long bullet. Import marks very small on right rear of receiver. A few rifles having Norwegian inspector stamps and serial numbers in the civilian marksmanship organization serial number range are also known to be in South African museums and may have been used by Boer forces—it is suspected that these may have arrived in South Africa with a small Scandinavian volunteer force that fought for the Boers. I got into historical firearms many years ago and remember swapping a lead melting pot for an old M96, it seemed like a good deal and it was. Your gun is definitely the highest known number therefore considerably. The fit and finish is outstanding, as is typical of the craftsmanship on these Swedish Mausers. You really need a serial number The m/1894 carbine was adopted in 1894 with the first 12,000 carbines being manufactured by Waffenfabrik Mauser in Oberndorf am Neckar, Germany. The sight is adjusted by moving the slide (siktlöpare) on the ladder (siktramen). I prefer to avoid the name Red 9 for the 1916 Prussian Contract guns, because - Swedish production continued sporadically until 1918. For Whitetail deer, a 140 grain soft point would be more appropriate. 5x55 Bolt Action Rifle - Surplus - Very Rare find these days, This small group of rifles came from the Samco Liquidation stock and is the final group of M96's we expect to receive. Mauser employed a comparable serial numbering system to the one used by Walther. My war era Mauser has no numbers on the receiver. The last rifle, with serial number 1462 has almost kept the original . "The Swedish Mauser Rifles" provides the “Fore Collector’s Only” part-by-part examination for every one of the14 different models of this fine military and civilian match rifle. Olson writes that the company made some of the finest Mauser sporter rifles and carbines, and after examining mine, I have to concur. Wood has a small c Click for more info I have a m/96 Swedish Mauser and want to get an idea of its value. This is an Interarms late-1950's import, with INTERARMSCO G33/50 stamped atop the date (which can faintly be read). All full bore, service and sniper rifles for sale are checked for correct headspace and unless otherwise stated will all gauge within the bore tolerance required when new. How to read the markings on the Swedish m/94 Carbine and on the m/96 and m/38 Rifles. Caliber 6. 612 at the time). / 1909”. The M/94's were the first of the Swedish Mausers and are chambered in 6. com. Unusual feature, although this was a commercial pistol, front toggle link is stamped S/42, which was military code for Mauser. Dec 04, 2011 · There has been a lot of interest lately in the old Swedish Mauser Carbines, Model 1894-14's (M/94-14). 44" overall, 24" Barrel. . 5x55 cartridge and became its most enduring home. Mine has a serial number of 1262. Serial # 6777. Bore is excellent. G date Luger manufactured in 1935. Mauser-pattern bolt-actions were manufactured in countries including Germany, Turkey, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Belgium, Argentina and Chile, so the round the rifle fires can help you identify the rifle's origins and model, like the 1891 Argentine, 1909 Argentine, Spanish 1893, Chilean 1895 and the Swedish 1896. Its serial number range puts it in the standard Swedish Army contract  Items 1 - 20 of 66 NR4705 1896 Swedish Mauser Custom Sporter Serial number is in the range of rifles produced for the Irish Republic, commonly called Irish  10 Nov 2011 The serial numbers for that date range from 628822 to 667603 this places the breech date nicely within that year. Freemasons existed in Germany in that era. I have an all matching one but the stock was cut down. 29 Receiver roll stamp markings indicating the M96 converted into this M38 was made in 1899 at the Carl Gustaf Stads Gevarsfaktori. By using the SwissWaffen. Note the matching serial number. The top of the chamber is marked “WAFFENFABRIK / MAUSER / OBERNDORF A/N / 1900”. Are there any websites that help with stampings or serial numbers so I can find out more about them? I was also considering putting a new barrel on the mauser action I am considering buying a Swedish M38 I have seen in a local gunshop. Sporterized with polymer stock. Manufactured by Husqvarna 1941. 5X55. Apr 18, 2016 · The original 6. All others must have a serial number under 161,200. The Mauser 18 is more than just another ­component; it is the whole package. Not rare as others have said but much scarer than the normal rear sight. 1895 Oberndorf s/n: 1252 Model 94 no inspector marks No range plate no side mounted  They're separate from the m/96 serial number range, and distinct to the year produced. Mauser started over at serial number 1 each time the number 10,000 was reached. This series was the last and final version of the Model 1896 sniper rifle that was still in use until Brown you have to find this book for serial number chart, search Amazon for: The Swedish Mauser Rifles Here's some info on the brass disc, think I copied it from a post on this or another forum: That little brass medallion on the stock contains information regarding the bore condition the last time it was inspected by a Swedish armorer. Wiki User 1910 pocket pistol via its serial number? find one in this price range. The triggerguard. All others Mausers. 941 likes · 8 talking about this. An M38 with number 643xxx, made by Carl Gustaf, should be a rebuild of an M96. 9mm Luger; 95% blue, 85% straw, excellent bore, very good grips, 4'' barrel, Early Mauser production U suffix serial number gun manufactured using DWM parts, with the Police sear safety and cut for the magazine safety, which were normally removed due to Proofmark and word Nitro stamped on the flat under receiver ring behind the recoil lug, (missing serial number). What serial numbers/serial number suffixes match on the - receiver, bolt. K. Are there any websites that help with stampings or serial numbers so I can find out more about them? I was also considering putting a new barrel on the mauser action We have 700,000 licensed gun owners in Sweden (all rimfire and centerfire firearms, both handguns and rifles, require a license, even for hunting) whereof at least half are sure to still own a Swedish Mauser. All hunting rifles made by Mauser are based on traditional, down-to-earth values, combined with the most modern of rifle technology. Serial numbers of the original production started at 1 and went to c. The survey form is available to input your serial numbers. number is actually in the middle of the M55 serial number range, so I guess they had some minor logistic problems at Kongsberg . The bolt is finished in the “bright”. Some of these spare receivers have been found built as complete m/1896 rifles with serial numbers falling into the regular m/1896 rifle ranges. Which places this in the range for known examples. Strongly contrasting this is the polished bolt with fine chequering on the safety parts, along with the last digits of the serial number. Most common are M/96 and M/39. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Swedish production continued sporadically until 1918. Swedish Mauser Serial Number Guide; Jump to navigationJump to search. Swedish M38 Mauser 6. Only a few hundred manufactured, so perhaps toggles were left over from previous military production runs. There have been no carbines Swedish production continued sporadically until 1918. 5x55 cartridge and the Swedish Mauser service rifle. Overall, quality of fit and finish were excellent, and the gun was graced with a fairly light, crisp trigger. And Joe Poyer. I've been recently gathering Mle 1935 serial amounts for 2-3 years for the FN graph in 'Mauser Military Rifles of the Entire world'. Oct 04, 2013 · The K98k was the fruit of a tree with deep roots. In fact, these two surplus guns have spawned a healthy aftermarket industry for upgrading them into sporters. This example was one of the very first produced by the Mauser factory for the Swedish Army before production started at the Carl Gustaf factory. 5x55mm cartridge and the 1896 Mauser or M96 as their rifle of choice. All of the stamped markings are deep and very visible. The finish on the breech is an excellent blue and remains in its entirety. There are serial numbers on:The bolt. The Mauser rifle design has inspired some of the most popular firearms in the Dec 11, 2011 · How well do the Swedish Mauser stripper clips work in the 1903 and 1903A3 Springfield rifles? I got a 1903 from the Civilian Marksmanship Program but it came with no clips so I need to find some. They're stamped 106 which is the last 3 digits of the serial number which is 50106. 5x55 Bolt Action Rifle - Legendary Swedish Military Rifle - This is the shortened second generation version of the rifle. Swedish military Mauser made in 1917. However,their book also states NRA Range Safety Officers; A Look Back at the Mauser Model 1898 Rifle. One of over 80 Lugers we currently have in stock at Jackson Armory, this is one for the very Advanced Collector. I have read that the 6. I dont know anything about them but would like to learn a little more. Most metal parts on the rifle are marked with a “crown” and/or “056”, the last three digits of the serial number. Thanks for Thousands of surplus Model 1896 Swedish Mausers were imported into the U. If you find your Mauser code here it's the first way to identify your Mauser factory or where it was tested. Jan 10, 2009 · I recently was given a 6. Parts are rusty from storage. Its design was so influential, odds are, if you’ve picked up a modern hunting rifle, its action was based on Mauser brothers’ design. Been interested in the Swedish Mausers for some time. 5 X 55 MAUSER SLING Swedish M96 M38 Mauser hand guard band. (SURPLUS LOCKER[TM]) by "Guns Magazine"; Sport, sporting goods and toys industry Firearms International trade Sep 23, 2010 · Husqvarna is a very old Swedish firm, dating from the early 1600s. Husqvarna 1896 6. The stock is mahogany; the rarest of the woods used for these rifles. You will notice a set of initials next to the serial number. during the 1950's and 1960's, introducing large numbers of American hunters to both the 6. Guns of Vortex | The Carl Gustav Model 1896 Swedish Mauser and history, in this fine condition, and with such a low serial number is no easy task. Still, it is a very nice piece that should be quite desirable among Mauser buffs. 5x55 swedish mauser by a friend. And on the cocking piece and the safety. The photo below is of a fake 1894 Carl Gustaf carbine, s/n 418666. It is covered with Imperial German inspection and acceptance markings, even on the wood stock. 7mm does not stupid involved in 7mm mauser serial number dating sites ;. Oct 2, 2009 - The barrel has the inscription 'KBI INC HBG PA CAL 6. 3 product ratings - Sun Optics Swedish Mauser 96 You are bidding on a stock and handguard for the Swedish Mauser M96 rifle. I didn't know exactly where to put this topic at so, if it's in the wrong place. Stolen Swedish Mauser Stolen Swedish Mauser . Yugoslavian M48 Mauser Crest. 5 x 55 Swedish Mauser has successfully been used by Swedish hunters and explorers on numerous Polar Bear and countless Moose using the 160 grain soft point bullet. What a shame someone way May 29, 2019 · The Mauser Model 1895 adopted as Fusil Mauser Chileno Mo 1895. S. Serial numbers are matching, except for the magazine. " The scope mount and base are stamped with matching serial number "21545" and is fitted with a late style German Ajack 4x scope. As mentioned before they were super anal about their tolerances and PMS program. Original blue finish, strawed small parts and checkered walnut grips. At some point in time the receiver did not pass inspection , so it had to be replaced . Sights Rifle m/96(B) has a rear sight graduated between 300-600 meters. It looks like a standard M96/38B which is a M96 Converted to M38 by the Carl. 30 Mauser caliber pistol. Every marking, every code is explained. or just from logging the last 100+ years of range time, this cool piece of history is near and  Chuck Hawks shares information about the Swedish Mauser Model 1896 in this full It is apparently brazed to the bolt body, and carries a serial number that I seldom shoot offhand except at very short range, but the m/96 is probably the  Swedish Mauser M94 Carbine 1895 Oberndorf REF (Reference Library). Serial numbers ranged from 1 to 10,000. Find Mauser 96 Swedish rifle parts with Numrich Gun Parts Corp. Serial numbers are matching, except for the bolt which has been electric pencil marked to match. 30 Bolt shroud with matching serial numbers. 5x55 Carl Gustav manufactured 1900 Original and unmodified, all serial numbers match Generally good condition for its age, there is the Apr 15, 2012 · The 1893 Mauser rifles used by the Spaniards were arguably the finest infantry rifles of their day. Ammunition and Reloading for Old Milsurps · Range Reports - Show us how good you  Swedish Mauser is a term that was first applied to these fine rifles when they with the serial number (1 to 52) and did not carry a maker's name on the receiver ring, Lyman receivers sights (M48) were installed, providing a range of 100 to  Swedish Mauser carbines - Carl Gustaf and Oberndorf mfg. #I left any Swedish Mauser types out? # There were at least two (2) major variations on the "target rifle" sights. 5x55 is today known as the 6. This is a discussion on Swedish 6. I would like full serial numbers, please. how to identify model and age of Mauser Rifle Under the supervision of Swedish inspectors. The highest serial number and date for a m/94 carbine so far known to me is #113150 dated 1932. A new, first ever list of serial number ranges by year has been compiled. One, which I suspect MAY be commercial from it's features, has a large heavily-fluted elevation adjustment knob, mounted on a horizontal axis, with Swedish Mausers are well built rifles that fire the flat shooting 6. Does anyone know of a web site or forum we a person can look up, by serial number, history on a Model 98 Mauser? 8 product ratings - SWEDISH 6. 5x55 Swede. Excellent condition, with 95% or more intact bluing. Jan 20, 2011 · Where can I find a bent bolt for a M96 Swedish Mauser? Answer. Early model 1930 with vertical address letters on frame and serial number placement on left side of the barrel address. G. There have been no carbines Markings on Swedish mauser rifles. Collecting and Shooting the Swedish Mauser Target Model - Range Report Page 1 of 6 reflected none of the serial numbers matched, but by the Collecting and The new Mauser 18 condenses hunting to its fundamental form: pure, no-frills ­workmanship. Serial #5842. G. Marlin rifles--serial number groups not consecutive! The only models that ended production before 1899 are the Model 1881, 1888, Model 1889, and 1891. The bolts were always stamped with the serial number so having one with out it means it was changed after service due to wear and tear or loss. Their worn barrels were usually superior to the new barrels of other countries. System Mauser gives a highest observed serial of 135127. On the floor plate. Unlike previous Mauser designs, this double column magazine was flush with the bottom of the rifle, which contributed to sleek lines and easy Jun 25, 2008 · swedish mauser mauser stuff in general, range reports and more It is (was) a beautiful piece of walnut, bearing the serial number 103. You can check that out if you would like a complete description of this old, military number. In honor of the 125th anniversary of American Rifleman, the following is an excerpt from the January, 1971 issue: Identifying Mauser Markings. 5x55. (THIS ONE IS DATED 1895 AND STAMPED WAFFENFABRIK MAUSER OBERNDORF) Scare antique What is the value of a swedish mauser model 1896? Range 300-5000 Asked in US Coins, Coins and Paper Why is a 30-40 Krag marked 1894 on the barrel and the serial number says it was made in May 11, 2012 · In any case, that gun is referred to as the Post-War (WWI) Commercial 1910, and is the most common of the . This serial number range is correct for a m/96 rifle, but not a m/94 carbine. I have got an all-mátching Mle 1935 in the 76,300 range in my selection. Most of the metal parts are marked with small Swedish “crowns”. The most desirable is the original M48. Strange it has no marks or stamps beyond those numbers, but it really looks as Mauser 98 Action, the bolt, receiver, screws, everything. Google"dutchman rebooty" and click on the link for"mahogany" for details. Jun 20, 2014 · The serial number is a dead give-away, as is the date stamped on the receiver. Serial numbers are matching. Buttplate tang with serial number and Carl Gustafs inspection crown. Mauser S/42 Luger 9mm Caliber Pistol. Location and typeface Serial numbers moved around over the course of the C-96 production run. Parts on Husqvarna made rifles  25 Jun 2013 I am considering buying a Swedish M38 I have seen in a local gunshop. 65×53 (sometimes called 7. SWEDISH M1896 MAUSER SPORTER - Z15204 excellent bore, very good+ stock, 26'' barrel, Single shot bolt action rifle in SS s/n range. They're dirt simple to take down into component parts for cleaning and no tools are needed. Some may have minor cracked stocks due to age or may be missing stock Luger Identification Guide - Rework and non-DWM Lugers (1915-1945) This is one of a series of identification guides for small arms. 1900" All its serial numbers seem to match (#464) except for the cleaning rod which is #462 (guess he got it mixed up with his buddy's). 3, but no mauser. Feb 28, 2017 · Hello, Please enjoy this latest video on my Swedish Mauser 6. he thinks I should have one in my collection since I have the Ishapore Model 2A, An Aussie No1 Mk. $19. Serial numbers mean very little in military rifles and all the parts have names, no numbers. Left Receiver wall is stamped with HVA ACTION-MADE IN SWEDEN Trigger guard magazine feels light, must be some sort of alloy material. Sep 08, 2011 · The Mauser originals — 7. A Swedish M1894/14 carbine, 6. Many of the remaining parts were salvaged with #419 . 5X55 CAL”. By 1944, the number of employees at Oberndorf had skyrocketed to an amazing 12,000 people with production being concentrated on the Models 98K, Luger, P-38 and HSC. This series of carbines were all manufactured in 1895, and a very few spare receivers dated 1895 were received from Mauser Oberndorf's manufacturers Ludwig Loewe and DWM. The left side of the receiver is marked with an “O. The serial numbers for that date range from 628822 to 667603 this places the breech date nicely within that year. Jun 20, 2017 · When Sweden decided to replace its Remington Rolling Block rifles with a more modern repeating rifle design, they tested models from Mauser, Mannlicher, Lee, and Krag. Guns made for this contract have their own serial number range, running from 1 through whatever. [1] by Chilean forces, is a bolt operated magazine fed rifle using the 7×57mm Mauser cartridge. 5x55), mfg. By using the serial numbers of known carbine models, you may be able to  6 Mar 2009 If you have a 1-2-3-4 digit serial number 1900 Oberndorf Mauser m/96 let Our co-moderator, Swede, raised an interesting question -- If some of the That the numbers cover a range of almost 5,000 rifles begs the question. 25 caliber Mauser pocket pistols. Get the best deals on Mauser Safety Rifle Parts when you shop the largest online safety Serial Number 7550. Clearly stamped with Swedish crown inspection marks and the last part of the serial number 362, on the safety, cocking piece, bolt handle head and bolt shroud. Manufacturing The name of the manufacturer and the year of manufacture are on the top of the receiver. Mod. It could have an old M/96 rear sight, or the new one calibrated for the spire point bullet standardized in 1941. Very good  16 Dec 2019 The Swedish firm of Husqvarna is best known today for logging and copies of the Remington Rolling Block and Mauser bolt-action rifles, among others. Also, some Irish groups placed Masonic symbols on their firearms around the turn of the century. The Swedish Mauser as it is affectionately called got its beginnings in 1896. Mauser continued to make sporting and hunting Swedish Mauser Carl Gustav manufactured 1900 Original and unmodified, all serial numbers match Generally good condition for its age, there is the . I do not just peer up the barrel and think “it’s shiny and has twisty bits, so it must be OK”. 5mm Swedish, 18” barrel with a very good bore that has some minor freckling within the grooves. The 1920 dated and double dated rework Lugers (DWM and Erfurt) are in the "Lugers - DWM Commercial 1898-1929" Gallery. So when you are at that gunshow, buy a Swedish Mauser with a zero or a 1 marking. It could very well be that the sample shown from the Mauser Central picture may have had the serial numbers added to it. Limited numbers were produced with receiver dates of 1929 and more so 1932; the highest 1918 serial number noted is 111,002. Most founded code is four digit serial number like (2938), sometimes with letters (2938S). After the first 10,000 pistols were completed, the firm added a suffix letter to ensure that each pistol had a unique serial number. The rifle would remain basically unchanged until 1938, when a new shorter model would be introduced known as the M38 Swedish Mauser. Furthermore, to the dismay of modern Norwegian hunters and historians, the 6. Instead, their number were mixed. Unnumbered bolt-knob, remainder of serial-numbers mismatched. "Swedish Steel" is a term for the steel used by the Swedish and Mauser manufacturing facilities to make the M96 rifles. Gustaf factory with receiver dates starting with 1898 and serial numbers beginning at '1' and ending in 1925 at circa serial number 517,277 or later. This Swedish arsenal converted Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf 1900 manufactured 1896 rifle with a 24" barrel has a very good bore and mechanical condition, an unthreaded muzzle, along Dec 06, 2012 · Accompanying me to the range was a Model 1891 Mauser, caliber 7. Since your rifle is in excellent condition and you have matching number it would be near the $450 mark. It is a Carl Gustafs with a 1916 date on the receiver and a 643,XXX serial number. Serial number that corresponds to the Swedish M96 rifle serial number that the bayonet. The bolt body is marked with the last three digits of the serial number “577” in four places. This may have been the end of the Mauser legacy, if not for the rearmament of Germany in the 1930’s. Swedish M38 Mauser rifle in 6. It’s not merely a hunting rifle, but ­something which Mauser has always symbolized: the ­ultimate gun for all men at all times. Both rifle and cartridge were tremendously successful. What a shame someone way back made a sporter out Serial #476008, 6. Since so many went unissued, it’s easy to find rifles with matching serial numbers on the receiver, bolt handle, magazine floorplate, and buttstock. Text Mats Persson. 71 on the Mauser was a German arms manufacturer of a line of bolt action rifles and semi-automatic pistols from the 1870s to 1995. Dated 1895. This rifle is a 1942 version but what is odd, is that there doesn't seem to be a single serial number on any part that matches. However,their book also states Jul 10, 2006 · swedish mauser rifle",all oberndorf m96s were in the 30-60k range. This is a wonderful all matching serial number example of the Mauser Model 1871 rifle. Dedicated to the preservation of one of the world's premier rifles. 5×55 Mauser, that is nearly complete. I picked these up at a retiring gunsmiths sale. The slide is locked in position by the slide catch (siktlöparspärr). 28 Serial number stamped into the bolt knob. A friend of mine who works in a gunstore is gonna try to track down a spanish mauser in 7. The Model 94 Swedish Mauser, ultimately offered in a number of incarnations and was a great rifle — beautifully designed, extremely reliable and superbly One of those guns I cleaned was a 6. (Note: Marlin did not start a new block of serial numbers staring at 1, like most makers. Most other parts have the last three figures of FAQ about Swedish Mausers. For test-firing, Mitchell’s sent along a supply of their 8mm Mauser ammunition loaded with 196-grain, boat-tail spitzer bullets. Most carbine production ceased in 1918. Only the serial number would remain to be stamped. we have thousands of sport rifles maded with those actions coming from the Army surplus, here in Argentina. The survey is necessarily focused on reworked models that have years and serial numbers in modern script. All others Mausers within the Bolt Action forums, part of the Gun Forum category; For you guys who have experience with Mausers, what is your opinion on them? Long Range (Current) ‡ NOTE: All information listed was compiled from standard catalog listings. up However there is a small number of HVA produced m/1896 (with straight handles). The Mauser 1893 was chosen WWII Mauser Serial Number Tracking. Serial number of Bolt matches frame. 65 x 53, also known as the “Argentine Mauser,” that I first described in a post on June 9, 2011. The receiver is dated 1879 and marked I. The 6. The narrow rear sight notch required care when aiming, but aside from that the Mauser's handling qualities were excellent. SWEDISH Model 94/14 Mauser bolt-action carbine # 18863 (6. The left side of the receiver is marked “J. Good If I could speculate It appears as maybe if the FN Mauser did not originally have any serial numbers on it when 1st built. Brand: Mauser Swedish Mauser Safety Lever Jul 10, 2006 · swedish mauser rifle",all oberndorf m96s were in the 30-60k range. What I also find odd is that there are no serial number markings on your rifle that looks to be However, for classic shooters today there is another choice of even earlier vintage and that is the Swedish M96 Mauser or Gëvar m/96. Old Faithful - My 7x57mm Mauser by Kevin Thomas Not too long ago I read an internet posting on Straight Shooter by an American called Ken who described the 7x57mm Mauser as "The Great Granddaddy of Modern Day Cartridges. BTW, in one of Still's books is a Luger serial number 10000!! My theory about a remaining Loewe stock being used on a DWM production rifle isn't as far fetched as you may think. The scope is marked with a small Swedish Crown proof next to "Nr. Mauser S/42 Luger 9mm (PR47987) $3,250. 30 Luger; 97% blue, 85% straw, excellent bore, very good grips, 4'' barrel, This commercial banner falls into a serial number range of guns produced for a Swedish commercial contract. There are still some long range target shooting disciplines that only allow Swedish Mausers. In good looking condition, visibly all matching serial numbers. Your rifle, on the other hand, was built by an individual gunmaker and is perhaps even rarer than the Mauser offering but will not command anywhere near the price that a Mauser African Model would command. The Third rifle has a peculiar serial number too, 1462. 31 7mm mauser dating. Regardless of where others stand, I, personally, found myself drawn to the Mauser for its historical significance, innovation, and performance that’s still evident on the range today. Various Styles, Grades, and Configurations sold at different price points. Yes, a 30-06 or . Mauser's newest rifle, the M93 (1893) chambered in 7x57 had just been sold in great numbers to the Spanish military. This is an example of an earlier pattern Model 1896/41 sniper rifle that is fitted with the late production improved scope mount and Ajacks scope. The whole set seems to belong to a type 98 Mauser Action. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Swedish Mauser Rifles (For Collectors Only) at Amazon. 5mm Swedish, 24” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. Look at the pictures. Maurice bright and shiny. Get one! Jun 25, 2008 · The plan is to remove all unnecessary aftermarket stuff and drop the reciever+ barrel in the original configuration stock. com all rifle serial number list page or the all rifle 7. Chinese officials kept the mauser rifles from the m48bo was manufactured. Built to notoriously high German engineering standards, Swedish gun makers ran their brush over Paul Mauser's M-1883 rifle design before WWI, the result being a gun that was rugged enough to expel The top of the receiver is marked “crown / C / CARL GUSTAFS STADS / GEVARSFAKTORI. Due to their low cost and high quality, the Swedish M-96 Mauser and the Swiss K-31 have become popular with American gun owners. 5x55mm round. The email gets deleted as soon as the data is entered. Almost every single peice on the 96 is staped with the last 3 digits of the serial and the crown. 6. Våpenfabrikk. The Swedish chose the 6. Is this "correct" for a Swedish issue rifle, or was the band added in the states to increase the value? Swedish Mauser Rifle Manual 1999 Anders J. This one needs a bolt assembly which shouldn’t be too hard to find on-line or at a gun show. Swedish military Mauser manufactured in 1944 (late production). Here’s one number on the butt plate. Since the late 19th and early 20th centuries, military Mauser designs were also exported and licensed to a number of countries, as well as being a popular civilian firearm. MAUSER BLANK TOGGLE SNEAK POLICE - D8770. Mauser Military Rifles mentions a "mystery" Mauser with serial number 4629 with the same marking on the receiver, bolt, barrel and buttstock. And one look at the Mauser Model 98 will tell you that Peter Paul Mauser was a belt-and-suspenders man. ” inspection stamp and with the serial number “2432”. There is a fairly good "For Collectors Only - Swedish Mausers" book that attempts to clarify the issue. range. See detailed photos for condition evaluation. 152,000. The serial number is 389 114. Mauser K98. The bolt and other parts match on the old gun. Make sure any Mauser conversion shotgun has Swedish production continued sporadically until 1918. 30 cal magnum would be better but the Swedes used what they had. These initials are those of the inspector who first inspected Here is another "all correct" example of an 1899 M96/38 Swedish Short Rifle Serial # 23669, also converted by Carl Gustafs Stads Gevarsfaktori between 1938-1940. Hey Guys. There were over 4600 M-96's made in 1923 & many have both bore disc & range plate . We're America's leading rifle parts supplier and have a wide selection of parts, schematics and accessories. This is a prime indicator of a gun s desirability, since it s unlikely that shooters would spend extra money making a sorry gun not quite as sorry. Listed by serial number in John Speed's book as 7x57 (In ERROR?) Several rifle types may be in the same serial number range. This is a Mauser Oberndorf-made carbine that has the modified 1914 nosecap with bayonet boss, and pre-’68 barrel extension fitted with glue (the Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. 5 mm Swedish. Swedish Mauser carbines - Carl Gustaf and Oberndorf mfg. It should give you approximately year of production or other basic info. Allows for finer range adjustment. After the war, production resumed starting at number 200000 and ultimately went over 426,000, which included the so-called Original Item: Only One Available. Out of a whim, I had one put away at my local GS while waiting for the permit. The serial number 77005 appears on almost all parts of the gun, even the barrel bands, nose cap, and many of the screws. Even though I love 03's I would never have traded it for one unless it was a 1903 with serial number over 800,000. The Schnellfeuer had its own serial number range, running up to something just under 100000. There may be others. MMR433602 ***ATTENTION: NO GUN / AMMO SALES TO CALIFORNIA *** ***WE DO NOT USE AUTO CHECKOUT***PLEASE CALL US AT 214-363-2767 May 16, 2014 · The Carl Gustafs Stads Gevarsfaktori. The Swedish Mauser was manufactured relatively unchanged from 1896 to 1943, and M96 Rifle and M38 Carbine rifles, known by collectors as "Swedish Mausers," are often sought after by military service rifle shooters and hunters. The Swedish government paid Mauser a royalty of 2,25 Kronor (Crowns) for each rifle (about US $0. 5mm — and its progeny — eventually became staples and were not only effective military rounds, they also proved their worth in the hunting field and at the target range. Serial number range is four-digits, with letter "v". Stocks could be made and finished in far greater numbers more quickly than the barreled actions etc. Steve Kehaya. That stock is an old Oberndorf item from the very first batch of carbines delivered to Sweden in 1895. 95. It is a beautiful example of a converted military rifle. 5x55 Swedish, excellent bright shiny bore with sharp rifling. Only 115,000 of these were made with 12,000 made by Waffenfabrik Mauser in 1895, and the remainder manufactured by Carl Gustaf primarily from 1898-1918 but a few hundred were made as late as 1932. 5x55mm has lower recoil than other Military Mauser rounds and is readily available. 13 Stock disc indicating bore diameter (6. Please comment below if you have any questions or especially if you have I do not keep records of who sends data. Match the cartridge the rifle fires with a likely country of origin and model. This particular rifle is unique in that it was originally mfg in Germany uncer license as an M96 rifle by Waffenfabrik Mauser, Oberndorf a/N in 1899. This is a 1919 dated, rifle, converted to 1938 Short Rifle specs, and retains 85-90% of the original blue finish on the metal with mild fading along the exposed edges as well as on the sides at the threaded muzzle, and on the trigger guard/floorplate assembly. Bore is worn but we test fired it and it Oct 23, 2013 · I have one just like it on my Model 96/38. There have been no carbines The first rifles were built at the Carl Gustaf factory with receiver dates starting with 1898 and serial numbers beginning at "1" and ending in 1925 at circa serial number 517,277 or later. 65×54) — and the Brenneke cartridges developed in direct consultation with the Mauser firm do not resemble the 308, 30/06, 270 and others by accident; from case heads to bottlenecks, modern cartridge configurations are virtually all derived from original Mauser ideas. It has a bent bolt with matching last three serial numbers. Most metal parts on the rifle are marked with a “crown” and/or “432”, the last three digits of the serial number. The Swedish m/96 rifle, which civilians generally call the Swedish Mauser Model 1896 or just the "Swedish Mauser," was introduced two years after the famous 6. Slightly more valuable than the normally sighted Model 99/38. 5x55mm cartridge and the 1896 serial number that corresponds to the Swedish M96 rifle serial number that the Typical prices range from $40-$80 and really is a great deal  Looks kinda like a sporterized Swedish mauser M/96 Swedish Mauser for sure - looks like manufacture date was 1911 from where the date was Range day!. The Swedish government paid Mauser a royalty of 2,25 Carl Gustafs 1896 Mauser 6. The 3 digit serial number could be a CG 1898 rifle ( serial number 1 to 32xx ) or Mauser 1900 rifle ( serial number 1 to 5000 ) rifle serial number . There are three on the end of the bolt and when I traveled to New Zealand Customs just used those. 2100/1942B" on the base of the elevation knob with the obverse marked "AJACKS 4X90". 92×57, 7×57, 7. 5x55 caliber rifle. insp H. Don’t buy a rifle, own a Mauser. The hexagram is also a freemason symbol. sling buckle is present along with the range plate and unit marked K8 to the Swedish 8th Cavalry. Apr 20, 2009 · Unlike those of Mauser manufacture, Krieghoff Lugers do not have a letter following the serial number, though with this one exception, they are numbered in the military system. The older blog posting of my own M/94-14 carbine that I restored, has been accessed numerous times each day, so I thought I'd revisit that carbine, and post a more complete album of photos and include some additional information on it. Sweden looked to Paul Mauser for a rifle design to house the 6. involved in a wide range of Turkish Mauser rifle serial number survey results. 3 3. The original leather sling is also attached and is pretty good condition. Apr 01, 2007 · Free Online Library: Those beautiful swedes: the bolt-action Swedish Mausers are still tops. 5 x 55 sporterized Swedish Mauser, a Carl Gustafs Stads Gevarsfaktor Model 94 Carbine, made in 1904 that I inherited from my uncle back in 1999. It is speculated  (Except for carbines with four-digit serial numbers, on these the other parts only have the last two figures in the serial number). Should clean up. The Swedish Mauser Rifles. just before the serial number. Please move it to where it needs to be. This is one of 1000 Lugers made by DWM for the US Army Handgun Tests in 1900, and this is confirmed by the serial number range, this pistol is SN # 6777 – the pistols were all sold as surplus after the tests. Some Swedish Mausers have threaded barrels for blank firing devices. Mauser 1930 Commercial Broomhandle . The Swedes liked to stamp the last 3 digits of the serial number all over their rifles. The m/96 became one of the most desirable surplus rifles. It is (was) a beautiful piece of walnut, bearing the serial number 103. Swedish production continued sporadically until 1918. Bolt stop. Updated April 22, 2017 See serial number list at bottom of page for school carbine S-prefix serial number listing of known examples. 1895 Mauser Oberndorf serial number 35 on receiver, stock and buttplate. 55 SWEDEN. This . 15   They are the last ones available M96 Swedish Mauser 6. This rifle M38 Swedish Mauser 6. The M38 Swedish Mausers have net been readily available here in the States in several years. My own database lists serials as high as 131595. by Carl Gustaf in 1903. A few examples may be encountered bearing dates of “1936” and “1937” which do not conform to the proper serial number range. 5x55 Swedish Mauser. If you can find the earlier version of the Swedish bayonet with the Flat Stud or the 4 digit serial number it is worth more. M96 SWEDEN 6. The finish on the breech is an  Matching serial numbers. You can assign it a serial number just by stamping them on I believe. Swedish 1938/96 Mauser bolt action rifle chambered in 6. Bands and safety have the serial number 462 on them. A few references say Mauser clips will work as the 1903 is a knock off of the Mauser. ” and with the serial number “242056”. Mauser’s classic bolt-action rifle is a portrait of defensive engineering at its best. Normally, all parts of Mausers carry the last two digits of the complete serial number on the receiver. And just in case you might think that first group was a fluke, here’s the last one I shot today, 5 shots. It is the first major modification of the Mauser Model 1893 and was produced by Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken, known as DWM, and Ludwig Loewe Company during the period of 1895–1900 [2] The original Mauser African Model is very rare. No serial number. The serial number on an M48 Mauser buttstock and mag floorplate. 14 Water transfer range decal giving sighting corrections when using the M/41 Torped ammo with the issue M96/38 sights. swedish mauser serial number range

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